Angus Charolais Beef Chuck Shoulder (PRS)



Angus Beef Chuck Shoulder (PRS)

Superior & finest quality Angus Beef Chuck Shoulder (PRS) specialized by Superior Quality Food Company. Quality and standard certified by ISO, Halal, GMP and HACCP.

Our natural meat refers to beef that comes from Angus cattle that have been raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or other artificial additives.

The cattle are typically fed a natural diet consisting of grass and grains, and are allowed to roam freely in open pastures. This type of beef is known for its high quality and tenderness, as well as its rich flavor. By choosing Natural meat, consumers can enjoy a more natural and healthier option for their meat consumption.

“Discover the mouthwatering flavors of our meat today! Indulge in the perfect combination of tenderness and rich marbling that will elevate your meals to new heights. Don’t miss out on this premium cut of beef – order now and experience the ultimate culinary delight!”


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200 G, 500 G


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