The Hygienic Way to Prepare and Cook Medium Rare Beef

In this article, we will guide you how to cook hygiene medium rare beef without losing nutrition, smooth texture and attractive taste of beef.

Most of steak gurus prefer to cook medium rare beef because it’s a suitable level to preserve nutrition and smooth texture and attractive taste of beef but it’s hard to preserve hygiene.

We will provide you the useful techniques to cook medium rare beef without losing nutrition, smooth texture and attractive taste with hygiene techniques.

Is it dangerous to eat medium rare beef ?

Most people understand that eating raw/half raw beef are dangerous and risk of many diseases. It’s not wrong to think that way, If you cook and prepare in an improper way.
There is no danger at all If it done by proper preparation by grilling or made outside well-cooked or the surface of the meat has been heated to 70 °C or more because all bacteria is surrounded on the surface of beef only, it does not seep inside the beef.
Caution : Do not grind or chop together because bacteria will spread to every part of beef.
In summary, Medium Rare beef will not harm your health, if it done properly by well-cooked outside and do not grind or chop together.

Follow These Hygiene Practices for The Best Medium Rare Beef

Cook medium rare beef

1. Rest for 30-60 minutes at room temperature after taking it out of the refrigerator.

2. Sprinkle salt and pepper all over the steak.

3. After sprinkle the salt use your fingers to knead the salt and pepper to seep into the beef.

  • Kneading will keep the seasonings from coming off the meat and will also add crispness and beautiful color to the outside of the beef after frying.

4. Set the pan on high heat temperature. Put some oil in it. When the oil starts to smoke a little. You can put the beef down.

  • Warning : If the meat is placed there is no sizzling sound, take it out of the pan immediately because the pan is not yet boiling.

5. Place on pan for 30-45 seconds.

Wait 30-45 seconds, look at the bottom of the meat. If the color change, flip it over!

In summary, fry for 30-45 seconds on each side, do not fry for more than 2 minutes, as this will spoil the texture of the meat.

6. Measure with a thermometer

Once you the desired temperature, let’s add some butter, garlic and thyme leaves into the beef.

The temperature of Medium Rare beef is between 55-60 °C Celsius or 135 °F Fahrenheit.

Tips : Impale the thermometer into the center of the meat so that it doesn’t penetrate the bone and fat, leave it for 5-10 seconds and check the temperature.

7. Add butter, garlic and thyme leaves to add dimension to the flavor.

It is a technique to add dimension to taste and texture.

8. When the butter color changes, use a spoon to scoop the butter and pour it over the meat.

When the butter begins to change color, use a spoon to scoop butter and pour over the meat (Basting) should not exceed 30 seconds.

Basting is a French technique that adds flavor and texture to any beef.

9. Remove the meat from the pan and let it rest for 3-5 minutes.

The main reasons for having to rest a steak is to maintain the moisture and texture of the steak.

This is considered as an underrated technique.

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