Sup's Stars Burger franchise
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Our Objective :

Sup’s Stars Burger Franchise is under supervision of parent company (Superior Quality Food) which has the same mission of focusing on social responsibility by delivering superior quality products and steadfast service for 20 years.

Our franchise is created to deliver the opportunities for local people to build their career and generate high profitability under our solid system of franchise model.

Startup business is an emerged trend in this generation, so we would like to be part of this challenging mission to fulfill new entrepreneur’s dream.

Franchise Information :

sup's star franchise menus

benefits of sup's star franchise program

Unique Recipes

You can make your own ranges of recipes by using our provided ingredients to decorate your meals to present your masterpiece meal.

Marketing Support

Sup’s Star will constantly provide publicity support for franchise members via online and strategic media platforms.

long-term growth

Opportunity to create new entrepreneurial who are keen and interested to be involved in the certified processed food business.


Our products are certified by ISO, GMP, HACCP & Halal to ensure that you can add our products to boost your store’s trustworthiness.

expert Advice

Our dedicated team will establish the personalized training programs to guide our customer to operate the franchise business efficiently.

After Sales Service

Our dedicated team will always available to give you an advice and provide all desirable answers to you.

Why Sup's Stars Franchise :

High Quality Nutrition

No Colours Added

No Preservatives

Certified Quality

our certifications :

Franchise Pricing Plan

Discover the suitable options to level up your business and create long-term growth journey with our franchise model.

Hawker Franchise

The easiest model for starting up your own burger business and test the market feedback.
  • Basic Training Programs
  • marketing support
  • Equipment Support
  • Ingredient Support
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Cooking manual
  • Personalized support

Upscale Franchise

Level up your sales and business performance with better facilities, operation, service and support.
  • Intermediate training programs
  • Strategic Marketing Support
  • Equipment Support
  • Ingredient Support
  • Location Sourcing Support
  • Kiosk & Store Design
  • Follow-Up and Audit
  • Operations Manual
  • Personalized Support

Stand Alone Restaurant

Scaling up your business and sales performance through better location and advanced operation support.
  • Advanced Training Programs
  • Advanced Marketing Support
  • Labor Sourcing Support
  • Location Sourcing Support
  • Ingredient Support
  • Restaurant Design Support
  • Follow-Up And Audit
  • Operations Manual
  • Personalized Support

Franhcise's FAQ

To reduce time wasting, our dedicated support team has collected all frequently ask questions about franchise package by customers.

We always keep pace on developing our service & operation to adapt well with the rapidly change of market context and customer’s demand.

We will provide a strategic marketing support by : 

  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook page
  • Company’s Website
  • Artwork for promotional campaigns
  • Personalized marketing based on located region

***Remark : Marketing support program is different refers to each package. You can read more about marketing support in the franchise’s contract.

Our products under the Sup’s Stars burger brand have gone through strict food safety processes and standards under ISO 22000 to ensure that consumers are consuming a halal, healthy, tasty & nutritious product without pathogens, chemicals and toxins.

We pride ourselves as superior quality and steadfast & transparent service provider.

Franchisees are able to choose their ideal equipment based on the size of restaurant and its operation.

*** Remarks : In this package, we also provide an advice about equipment installation in your restaurant, but clients will have to responsible for the equipment cost.

5 years contract for every franchise package.

You will have to pay for the compensation for terminating the contract.

Yes, you can operate your franchise business but you have no right to use our intellectual properties such as brand name, logo & trademark & certifications.

We would like to build solid long-term relationship with our franchisees for many years, but circumstances can change, therefore the resale of the franchise are allowed. 

Any potential buyer must meet all qualifications and  approved by us.